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Homeopathy Is Becoming Illegal Thanks To Big Pharma

Homeopathic drugs have been used for years in many different countries to cure various ailments. However, the FDA has changed its stance on homeopathic remedies and are categorizing them with drugs requiring them to pass rigorous tests in order to be approved for consumption.

Homeschooling: A New Wave In Education

Homeschooling as become a popular alternative to traditional educations. Many parents are choosing to homeschool for a number of different reasons including flexibility, the ability to travel, and more time to spend with family.

Do You Still Need A Landline?

Even though many people use cellphones as their primary lines, there are still legitimate reasons to have a landline phone.

Ditch The MP3’S And Get A Record Player

Although deemed outdated, it seems record players have not disappeared into the mysterious abyss but are making a comeback. Mp3s are still the preferred method of listening to music, however, nothing beats the experience of hearing a vinyl record.

Cell Phones In The Classroom

Much to the dismay of teachers, cell phone use has increased in the classroom. Educators find themselves struggling to hold the attention of their students whose eyes are glued to their screens. For this reason, many schools are considering a ban on cell phone use.