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Not so long ago, every household had a landline phone, and the most innovative feature was being able to check the caller id to screen your calls before answering. However, now that cell phone usage has increased, many people have ditched the landlines and opt instead to use their cell phones as their primary lines. However, in spite of the fact that it seems everyone has a cell phone, there are some valid reasons, besides nostalgia, to keep your landline.

Statistics of households with landlines

According to the New York Post, only 46% of households still have a landline. Most renters and younger generations skip the landline phone and use their cellphones as their primary phone instead. With the cost of owning a cell phone and a need to cut down on bills, it’s not surprising that people would rather just have a cellphone, after all, who needs a landline when you have Wi-Fi? However, there are instances where a landline could be beneficial. During power outages, a landline phone still has service because they have their own power supply. Secondly, you can’t lose your landline, the way you lose your cell phone. So landlines make it easier for you to find your cell phone by calling it.

The safety in having a landline in your home

There are at least seven reasons to hang on to your landline according to Nicholas Gilmore.

  1. Depending on your internet and cable provider, having a landline could actually make your bill cheaper. Some companies give you a discount when you bundle your services.
  2. As stated earlier, because landlines have their own power supply, you can still use them to call out during a power outage which is essential if you experience an emergency.
  3. Some people say the quality of sound on the cellphone is better on a landline. However, these people must not have ever tried using a landline during a storm which causes interference.
  4. Landlines are much more straightforward as they only have one purpose, to make calls.
  5. Home security systems use your landline when you set it up. Also, 911 can find your exact location on a landline.
  6. Landlines are a great way to allow your kids to connect with their friends without the added worry of what they may come across on their smartphones.
  7. Although many cell phone companies are doing away with contracts, it should be noted that landlines never came with a contract.

If you can save money by bundling your services, having a landline is a smart idea primarily for safety reasons.

Do I need a landline for my office?

Yes, you should have a landline if you are running a legitimate business. Let’s face it, even though cell phones are ubiquitous, they are still considered unprofessional as a primary source for business. Your landline is tied to your building and also, your business image. Although you can conduct business on your phone, it is helpful to have that additional landline that allows you to use VOIP and forward calls to your cell when you are not in the office. An article on NFIB weighs the pros of having a cell phone for your small business.

Landlines have not yet become obsolete and can be beneficial to have in certain situations. You may want to rethink and get a landline if you haven’t done so already. Plus any reason to ditch the smartphone is highly recommended.  OPTOFF


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