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Every one of us would like to have superpowers. Feels nice to know that there’s something special that we could do to change the world. We all want to have that something special within us that sets us apart from everyone else. That’s how humans work. There are such humans with extraordinary gifts. Superhumans are real and are just not celebrated enough. It’s true that they don’t have superpowers like invisibility and flying but there are still some very special humans with pretty cool superpowers that we’re going to start talking about.

The Lion Whisperer

Have you ever heard of Kevin Richardson? Well, if you were a lion, you probably have. Kevin is a man with a unique ability to communicate with lions. He studied their movements and mannerisms so much that he was able to become accepted by lions as one of their own. In this video on Sapien Plus, you can see Kevin sitting with the lions and stroking their manes. You would think he was petting a cat or a family dog and not a ferocious wild animal that could eat him for breakfast. The fact that he can be so comfortable with such majestic beasts is nothing short of amazing and shows we have a lot to learn about the animal kingdom and our connection with nature.

An Amazing Autistic Artist with a Photographic Mind

Society seems to hold a stigma against people with autism. However, those who are closest to people diagnosed with autism, know that they are some of the most genuine, unique, and incredible individuals this world has to offer. Take Stephen Wiltshire, for example. Diagnosed with autism at the age of three, like Albert Einstein, he didn’t say his first words until the age of five. However, he has a unique ability to remember what he has seen even at a glance. What is more impressive, is that he can artistically create what he has seen on canvas in perfect detail so specific you wonder how he could have remembered all of that form a single glance. To see some of his work visit

Levitating Humans, the Power Of the Mind

Truly, as we have seen above, mankind can do some amazing things. But nothing is more amazing than this monk who uses the power of meditation to levitate off the ground. As the monk repeats his mantra to relax his mind into a trancelike state, his body begins to lift off the ground. The film crew and videographer who witnessed the event are stunned by what they are seeing; they can’t figure out how the monk is able to lift off the ground. Think this is too weird to be true? Then watch this video on youtube to be amazed.

After reading these articles and watching the videos, it is astonishing to see what mankind can do when we put our minds to it. There is nothing in this world that we can’t accomplish if we stay focused and dare to think outside of the box. OPTOFF.

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