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We all have heard stories about “Big Brother” tracking our every move? But is that just a conspiracy theory or is it true? Are we giving the government access to intimate details of our lives? Is everything we say and do being tracked via our digital devices?

Obviously, we know that everything we post on social media is public knowledge, whether or not we have our profiles set to private. But did you know that all forms of technology are being tracked from your cell phone to your pc to your tablet? Read the following to find out more.


Did you know that government officials, law enforcement officers, third-party agencies and a multitude of other such outlets have access to your personal information? Professional blogger and social media producer for CBS News, Lauren O’Neil, gives us a personal account of exactly how we are being tracked in our everyday lives.

If you leave your location feature on your phone, your GPS tracks your every move, where you post a photo on Instagram or check into the local gym. But were you aware that every tweet or post you make on social media is being tracked as well? If you are using a public Wi-Fi address, all of your information is up for grabs. Not only are you putting yourself in danger, but your loved ones as well. Simply by using a secure Wi-Fi connection and turning off your GPS, you can protect your privacy.

For more on Lauren’s article, click here.



Apps such as Amazon Go are helpful, but did you know that they are also tracking your every move as well as your spending habits? Watch the following video to find out more.



In the following video, Alex Jones warns us that companies such as Apple, Microsoft, and Google are tracking us via our voice commands. Not only are they listening to these commands, but they are recording them and storing them for as much as two years. So when you use your voice command on your smartphones or smart televisions, chances are, whatever you say is being recorded and monitored by a third party and perhaps even being sold to the government. For more on this topic, watch the video below.

So how do we protect ourselves from being tracked? Be as cautious as possible and watch what you say and what your text, email or IM. As well, use a secure Wi-Fi connection as much as possible. Turn off your location and GPS whenever possible and limit voice command use as much as you can. Just keep in mind that we are being tracked by someone every moment of every day. OPTOFF.

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