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Phone Zombies are walking down the street.

Do not Text and Cross the Street

We have all seen the phone zombies aimlessly crossing the street or walking their dogs hunched over with heavy heads hypnotized by the screen, causing a disruption in the flow and coming close to being run over by cars and other humans. Or maybe you are one of those zombie walkers and never observe others because you are so addicted to your smartphone. Not only is this unsafe, but terrible for our posture and spine. Texting and walking have become so dangerous with numerous related accidents, cities like Honolulu Hawaii, have banned crossing the street while on your phone. People are being fined if caught looking down at their phones or tablets while crossing the street. Check out this article from The Guardian.No texting and crossing the street


Cell Phone Pains

We are living in a very stressful time and trying to keep up with all this technology, and social media is exhausting people and putting tremendous strain on their bodies. 90% of most diseases come from stress. When our bodies feel stress, the pain is experienced in the head, neck, shoulders, and lower back. Are you aware that a large number of neck, shoulder and back issues are from how we hold our smartphones and tablets? The human head gets heavier when we look down and puts increased strain on the spine. Not to mention all the beautiful things around you that you miss when you are looking down. Look up people and wake up! This article from Spineuniverse tells all. Smartphone Use is a Pain in the Neck


Texting Claw and Enlarged Thumbs in Millennial’s

What is Texting Claw?

I have a teenage niece who blows my mind with the rapid speed at which she can text. Her little thumbs are like tiny ninja assassins attacking her mini keyboard. My niece can text faster than a legal secretary can type. A hundred characters a minute including Emojicons. How does she do it? How is this affecting her hands and thumbs? Studies have shown that individuals that text too frequently may be damaging their hands and thumbs. Texting Claw is starting to be linked to Tendinitis and could lead to carpal tunnel syndrome. When we over use our devices, we are abusing our fine motor-skills, and sore hands and thumbs are the bi-product. My teen nephew is not as interested in texting as he in video games, but he has often complained of painful extremities due to the overuse of his joystick and other gaming paraphernalia that allows him to control the war and fighting games he loves. Studies have also shown that millennials have weaker hand strength and grip than that of the previous generation. Check out this article from medical daily.The harmful effects of bending over to look at your phone.

Take Care of your Mind, Body and Soul and OPTOFF

Ultimately there are more significant concerns associated with the overuse of smartphones and tablets, but when it comes to our bodies and health, it is vital that we pay attention to all the issues related to these devices. Adults, teens, and all smartphone loving addicts need to be aware of the bodily harm they are doing to themselves that could affect them later in life. Are we going to become a society of humans with disproportionate thumbs and hunched over backs? It is sure looking as if it is going in that direction. Please people, get your head out of the web an into realtime. Help spread our movement, share these articles, power off your devices when you can and OPTOFF.


Texting Thumbs

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