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Children and Radiation.

Parenting has proven to be one of the most challenging experiences people have in their lifetime but, it is also the most rewarding. In today’s world with the multiverse of the internet and social media mother’s and fathers have even more challenges in front of them. There has been a lot of debate recently amongst parents about the right age to allow their child to have a smartphone. After the research I have done, my personal opinion would be not to give your child a smartphone at all. One of the main reasons you should not let your child have a smartphone is because of the radiation being emitted from the device and, children are more susceptible to the radio waves than adults. Read this article from Green living.phones and Radiation


Privacy Settings on your Childs Device.

Technology savvy parents think they have everything under control by placing privacy settings on the family internet and the child’s smartphone. They are misled into believing they can protect their kids from all the things they do not want them to see on the web. Unfortunately, this is not the case, and kids and adults are never really anonymous if they access the internet. Read this article from Popsugarmom. Privacy settings are not bulletproof


Your Child is Growing up With no Social Skills.

The average kid spends up to seven hours a day on the web. Mostly youtube and social media apps. Exactly when do they have time to play outside or read a book?

Children often struggle more socially these days due to the internet and social media. There is no need to make friends or have in-person playdates when you can Snapchat your playmates or see about their day on Facebook. Children that grow up with full access to the web and apps may grow up to be adults that have problems with intimacy and real-time relationships. Read this article from New York Behavioral Health. Kids on Social media have no Social Skills


Just Say No to Smartphones

It is so terrible for parents these days trying to decide how to handle the internet and their kids. Determining how much screen time to give them and what appropriate apps they can use. Then there is the age-old saying “ trying to keep up with the Joneses.” If all your adult friends give their eight-year-old a phone, you should too. Recently mother shamming has become an issue, moms openly judging other mothers for how they decide to parent. Sometimes parents can be pressured into giving their kid a smartphone. Not just by other parents but by their child. Kids may complain that all of their friends have one and maybe it makes them feel like they do not fit in with the smartphone clique at school. Kid’s feel like they are missing out when they are not connected.

Give your Child Love, not a Smartphone

Children crave real time in person human interaction. Your child does not need a smartphone. They will be okay without one, and they may turn out fine if they do have one. Educate yourself before you decide to give your kid a smartphone. Understand at some point if your child has a smartphone, they will watch porn,  start sexting, and will regret at least one thing that they posted into cyberspace that can never be taken back.   Limit the internet to only research for homework. You are protecting your child more by not letting them have a smartphone and are facilitating a healthier more organic approach to socializing.   Ignore the backlash from other parents, and promise your child you know what is best for them. OPTOFF.

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