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The Powers Of The Human Mind

The human mind is indeed complex, but do we have the ability to change our thought process and alter our reality? Read the following article to help you better understand how the power of thought can significantly improve your life.

The Science Behind Climate Change

The debate about whether or not climate change is a result of fossil fuel emissions or natural occurrences still rages on. However, one thing is certain, global temperatures are rising. What is not certain is the effect the rising temperatures will have on the ecosystem and global economy.

Online Dating Has Ruined Courtship

Do dating apps really work? Can you really find true love on the internet? Is online dating all it’s hyped up to be? Read the following article to find out if online dating is preventing you from finding true love.

Video Game Addiction

Screen addiction is a fairly recent phenomenon with the increase in technology. Many parents try to limit screen time in their young ones whether it is the T.V., phone, tablet, or computer. However, while parents monitor their children’s screen time, adults are falling into the trap of game addiction.

It Might Be Time For A Digital Detox

Do you have an internet addiction? Do you spend more than 6 hours a day on your phone or laptop? It might be high time to power off and take a digital detox. Read more to find out why a digital break could better your health.