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What Is Cryptocurrency?

Cryptocurrency is one of the biggest innovations but it would be recommended that you think carefully before investing anywhere. It is said to be collective psychology, that is being used to seduce people into buying cryptocurrency.

Flip Phones The New Smartphone

We are living in a time of cellphone addiction. People will literally drive out of their way to retrieve a phone forgotten at home because it is their lifeline. Even though the use of smartphones has increased exponentially, there is still a small group who cling to the trustworthiness of a flip phone.

Why Spending Time In Nature Is Important

Traditional medicine and the pharmaceutical industry has been getting a lot of negative press lately. Many families are choosing not to vaccinate their children or give them pharmacy medication when they are sick. Instead, people are turning to essential oils found in...

Why Are So Many Bees Dying? Are We Next?

Humans will not be able to survive for more than four years if the bee’s of the world die. Bee’s colony collapse is a huge problem. Pollination is vital to the ecosystem and for the foods we eat.