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We are officially living in a science fiction movie. The technology is here, and people are lining up to get RFID microchip implants. These rice size microchips are implanted into your hand and use shortwave radio frequencies, “RFID” technology or Radio- Frequency Identification to start your car, pay for your groceries, travel, open doors, etc. These human microchips will continue to become famous as we depend more on our devices to run our lives. RFID chip is a device in which you can’t OPTOFF, ever. More than 10,000 people have willingly dehumanized themselves with these injections. Connected 24/7, trackable and hackable human beings. It is feeling like we are living in an apocalyptic time.  Check out this video from Infowars.

First company in U.S. microchips employees

The first company in the United States to offer the RFID to its employees is a vending machine company in River Falls Wisconsin. The owner of the company said it was voluntary for now and expects at least fifty employees to accept the chip. The workers no longer will need I.D. badges to enter the building or personal logins when on the computer, they will merely swipe their hands. The owner of the company assured that he would not be tracking them and only using the technology at the office. I am not sure I believe this. Who in their right mind would volunteer to have a microchip implanted in their hand? Can companies legally even make this mandatory at some point? Will the government start insisting every human get’s one of these chips in their hand? The more research I do on this topic, the more disturbed, disgusted and sick to my stomach I become. The New World Order is here.


No Microchip, No job

In Hanna Wyoming, they have already begun to make RFID microchipping mandatory. Residents that are receiving any assistance from the government, welfare, housing, or Obamacare are now required to be chipped, or else they will be unable to get their benefits. Government workers in Hanna are also being inserted with the RFID microchip. Firefighters, police, post office workers are risking losing their jobs if they do not comply with this new technology. Microchipping is violating our human rights. We have to fight back. We have lived as a species for millions of years without it, why in the hell must we have it now?

Chip Your Child, Just Like Your Pet

We have been implanting RFID chips into our pets for years, but to do this to humans is wrong. Some believe that hospitals will be required to insert microchips into newborn babies. They say that it is to protect the child from abduction and to track medical conditions. Some parents are open to the idea of having their children chipped, and then they would be able to keep tabs on them all the time. It is unfortunate enough that most kids have I phones, which can quickly help the parents track them. Reading about microchipping and babies certainly does not make me want to have one. I fear that this will soon be normalized just like the barcode.

Just Say No To RFID Microchip

The truth is the media and government are trying to ease us into excepting this technology slowly. RFID microchipping technology has been around for years. The government is trying to trick us into thinking that it will help us. Gradually our species will be controlled by these chips. Check out this video from Dr. OZ.


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